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Nasal congestion Often in pregnancy the mucous membranes inside the nostrils and sinuses swell and the symptoms of a head cold may be there all the time. This congestion is the result of the increase in blood volume and the changes in your hormones. Although breathing through your nose may be more difficult, it will [...]

‘What are the chances of my passing this disease on to a daughter?’ a patient asks his doctor. At thirty-eight years old, Terri is pregnant for the first time after successfully battling endometriosis. A routine test— amniocentesis—has indicated she is carrying a girl. Terri fears that her child will suffer from the disease as she [...]

As I sat and listened to his words my whole life flashed before me. My only ambitions in life were to get a job, get married and have children. I had achieved the first two ambitions but the third one had caused me great pain. Now as my doctor’s words echoed inside my head it [...]

Your laparoscopy should be performed by a gynaecologist who is skilled and experienced in performing laparoscopics and diagnosing endometriosis — very few general practitioners have either the skills or the experience to perform laparoscopics. Some gynaecologists believe that a diagnostic laparoscopy for endometriosis is best done just before or during a period when the disease [...]

The main advantage of hormonal treatment is that it is usually a less drastic form of treatment and, unless you are unlucky enough to have severe side effects, it does not cause a major disruption to your life. The main disadvantages are that it cannot treat adhesions, it rarely eradicates endometriomas greater than two centimeters [...]

Sex after pregnancy For some couples sex is better than ever after the birth of the first child, but often a period of adjustment is necessary. If you both know that things may be a bit different to start with, neither of you is likely to feel rejected by any changes in sexual feelings and [...]

Anaesthetic for abortion Suction aspiration and D&E may be done with local or general anaesthetic. In the clinics you are usually given a choice if both are available. In hospitals general anaesthetic is usually used. Local anaesthetic is very effective for an abortion. Many women are fearful of injections into the cervix, and are surprised [...]

How are IUDs inserted? Inserting an IUD is usually done in a doctor’s rooms or clinic, though if you’re in hospital for some other gynaecological procedure, it may be convenient to insert the device while you’re there. General anaesthetic is rarely warranted. Whether or not local anaesthetic is used is a matter of choice. I [...]

Sexual drive, also called libido, describes the amount of interest and need we have for sexual activity. Libido varies from person to person, and also from time to time during each phase of life. Our overall sex drive can be influenced by health, life situation, attitudes to sex and our past experience. Temporary reduction in [...]

Oily hair At puberty the increased production of oil I by the sebaceous glands also happens in the scalp, where there are many more closely packed glands than in the skin of the rest of the body. This often makes hair lank and oily within 24 hours of a shampoo. The only solution is to [...]