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Summary of main points. • Hunger is a strong physiological sensation regulated in the hypothalamus. • Appetite—physiological, psychological and social—influences eating behaviour. • Distinguishing between biological hunger and emotional hunger is important. • Nutrients in food vary in their ability to suppress hunger, and dietary fat has the least effect on decreasing total energy consumption. [...]

Of course, our bodies are changing from the moment we are born to the moment we die. We grow, we become ill and get well, we exercise or stop exercising, we age. By definition, adolescence is a difficult time, a period of rapid growth and development. No big revelation there, but a point worth keeping [...]

In 1994, Anita Beattie’s doctor gave her a harsh ultimatum: “Lose weight or don’t come back to see me, because you’re wasting my time and your money.” His words stung, but Anita knew that her doctor was right. She weighed 157 pounds and she also had diabetes—a bad combination, to say the least. “He kicked [...]