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In recent years ‘natural’ cosmetics have been widely promoted. These cosmetics are often falsely advertised as containing no chemicals or preservatives and as being totally safe for the skin. They incorporate products such as aloe vera, jojoba oil and placental extracts. But, as mentioned earlier, there are no such things as a truly natural cosmetic. [...]

The large, reputable cosmetic companies test their cosmetics very carefully. It is fair to say that very few side effects occur given the number of cosmetics used by the average person. However, new chemicals are constantly being introduced into cosmetics with uncertain long-term side effects. Cosmetics are not regulated by health authorities and do not [...]

Herpes simplex—’cold sores’—is a common, blistering condition caused by the Herpes Hominis virus. There are two distinct strains of this virus. Type I is responsible for the more common lip or eye disease, while type II is responsible for the genital disease. The initial type I infection occurs mainly in infancy and childhood, when it [...]