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Mrs B. stopped abruptly at the door of the consulting room and announced, ‘Do I have to see so many people? I’ve only come to see one doctor.’ The doctor and nurse in training looked embarrassed. The instructing doctor suppressed her irritation that valuable teaching material might be lost, but knew that her patient’s wishes [...]

Interrupting sex to put on a condom is a problem, and not only for the young. Some older men enjoy prolonged lovemaking during which their erection comes and goes. Deciding when to put it on is stressful. It is difficult getting them on the right way round in the dark. Some flavoured or fun varieties [...]

All counselling should be nonjudgemental. Perhaps it is never more important than in this situation when the patient with an unplanned pregnancy may already be feeling guilty or expecting disapproval. Patients may be distressed, angry or abusive. The feelings may be very intense and directed at clinic staff. It is important to acknowledge and try [...]

Some young women, particularly those who are very health conscious, like the idea of the diaphragm, with 1.6% of new patients and 2.9% of old patients choosing it at the Birmingham Brook Advisory Centre in 1989 to 1990. It does have the advantage of providing some anti-viral effect by means of the spermicide, but as [...]

The impression may have been given that nothing can be done for such families. While this is true for some, it is not for all provided that a trusting, reliable and supportive relationiship can be created between the doctor and/or nurse and the patient. However, it can take many years to establish such a relationship, [...]

These are among the most common, and potentially most serious, complications of radical prostatectomy. Blood clots that form in the legs’ deep veins (this is called deep venous thrombosis) can be, at best, painful. At worst they can be fatal. The leg veins are, as one doctor describes it, “a straight shot to the lungs”; [...]

Like all surgery involving anesthesia, radical prostatectomy carries the risk of death, but this is extremely rare. In one hospital’s study of 1,000 patients, there were two deaths—one man died three weeks after surgery, from a blood clot in his lung (for important tips on how to recognize symptoms of this, see below). The other [...]

After incontinence, impotence ranks right up there on the “most feared complications” list. But let’s make sure we’re all talking about the same thing: First of all, what is potency? The medical definition is simple—”an erection sufficient for vaginal penetration and orgasm.” Having said that, it’s worth repeating that men who are impotent after radical [...]

In extremely rare cases, when incontinence does not get better over time, your doctor may do cystometry to determine the state of the bladder. If you have urgency incontinence, anticholinergic drugs can dampen the involuntary bladder contractions. If you have stress incontinence, drugs that cause smooth muscle contractions, including decongestants or antidepressants (imiprimine, for instance, [...]

Having a baby is nothing like buying a TV set or a car and a couple’s urge to produce a baby should ideally be controlled until the man and woman know they are secure together; that they can cope with the bad times as well as the good; that they want a baby for the [...]