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If a person affected by mental shock was already suffering from some trouble, would be greatly enhanced by the shock, and its recovery delayed. Dr. Bach called this remedy “the comforter and soother of pains and sorrows”. This remedy is one of the most important components of ‘RESCUE’ remedy. Broadly speaking, Star of Bethelhem is [...]

Pinky was quite well up in studies and was one of the toppers in his class examinations. But he was terribly afraid of the University Exams. As the University Exam, approached, Pinky started fretting. Nervous diarrhoea with vomiting followed by severe headache became the order of the day for him. He began to seriously doubt [...]

Horn Beam given at the moment of his mental weakness would provide the necessary impetus to shake off his mental lethargy and become his normal self. When a patient, whom I had prescribed morning walk as a must complained that he could not leave the bed in the morning, although he lay awake after 4 [...]

Not everyone may know that the tonsils and the appendix possess a well-defined lymphatic network. As they also serve to filter out and destroy bacteria, they may be called sister organs. Since their importance to the body is so great, these organs should not be surgically removed as long as they do their work. Even [...]

An adequate balance of calcium in the body protects one against scrofula and the tendency to tuberculosis. Doctors are able to tell us a great deal about this. If the calcium level in our blood is normal, it can protect us from the harmful effects of radioactive strontium 90. This discovery, while still new to [...]

I would like to tell you now how to go about overcoming calcium deficiency. First of all we have in mind the children who are born with a deficiency, but there are also many adolescents and even older people who suffer from a lack of calcium and need help. Infants and small children should be [...]

Among the herbal remedies, a preparation containing an extract from Petasites officinalis (butterbur) has proved effective. It can be taken in the form of drops, Petadolor tablets or, in especially stubborn cases, Petaforce capsules. These herbal antispasmodics are most reliable and, if administered over a long period of time, often give the most amazing positive [...]

Take Urticalcin as a calcium supplement. Silica can be easily supplied by the hemp nettle {Galeopsis). To increase immunity and resistance to respiratory diseases Usneasan has proved invaluable. This remedy is made from lichen (Usnea barbata, also known as larch or beard moss) which grows on alpine coniferous trees. Its lichen acids combined with other [...]