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Some work has been done on trying to identify the elderly and their carers most at risk from abuse. It seems that most carers who later abuse have been to their GP before the event. They go with minor ailments, but if recognized and asked they talk of the increasing burden of caring and of [...]

Leukemia is a name for cancer of the white blood cells and each day in Australia six people develop one of these white blood cell tumors. In the 1960s the diagnosis of Leukemia was considered a death sentence. Today most – victims can expect curative treatment as a matter of course. Leukemia is known to [...]

GEOGRAPHIC TONGUE If your child’s tongue has a patchy appearance which resembles a map, he has what is known as a geographic tongue. This is a condition of unknown cause, in which the tongue has an uneven pattern of blotchy red areas interspersed with smooth patches. It is not painful and does not interfere with [...]

This will vary according to the cause and severity of the jaundice. Babies who develop jaundice several days after birth usually just require careful monitoring, sometimes with heel prick blood tests checking for bilirubin levels in the blood. If these are high, the hospital staff may recommend a few days treatment with phototherapy. This technique [...]

    ”Fantasizing me having sex with another man is really sick, isn’t it? I mean, I’m his wife, for God’s sake.” ANSWER: Fantasies are the most intimate and personal of sexual issues in couples, even more so than actual behaviors. What we think we might like to do or dream about doing seems to threaten spouses [...]

We should also avoid eating animal flesh. Comprehensive analysis of this topic could easily be a subject of a separate book, so below I give only a summary of the reasons taken from a single point of view: the poisoning of our body. Animals consume large amounts of food, before they become killed for meat. [...]

The elderly, the very young and those with heart or lung disease are particularly at risk of succumbing to influenza and of developing complications. Because influenza may be a serious illness for an individual and an epidemic can cause many deaths and considerable illness with loss of time from work, some form of prevention may [...]

In herbivorous animals, those that eat grass, there is a large extension of the caecum where many bacteria break down and digest the insoluble cellulose which forms the bulk of plants. The appendix may be a left-over organ in the process of evolution. Appendicitis was a rare condition until the end of the 19th Century. [...]

Knowledge of some of the basic facts about food perishability can help one avoid food poisoning on picnics, Indiana Medicine (79:360) reports. Because the bacteria that cause food poisoning cannot flourish or even survive for long in acid surroundings, special precautions are necessary with foods that are low in acid, such as chicken, ham, eggs, [...]

Symptoms: loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, upper abdominal pain, jaundice (yellowed skin and whites of eyes, dark amber urine, and light-colored stools), fever, headache, general discomfort Home care: Isolate the child, and then call the doctor. When a diagnosis has been made the doctor will order a home care program that includes rest, liquids, and [...]