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If all of the above changes have been made, and the chronic illness still has not been sufficiently improved, the patient should try eating a diet composed entirely of organic foods for two weeks. Preferably this should be the Rotary Diversified Diet described in Chapter 18. It would be ideal if every person could eat [...]

Placebos play an important part in scientific trials. After two weeks, the patients were split into two groups, one of which began an elimination diet. For the first week, this diet consisted of twelve rarely eaten foods. All milk products, eggs, cereals, beverages and additives were excluded, along with most meats and all commonly eaten [...]

Doctors practising today have been trained in the subject of allergy on the basis of what is scientifically proven – that a range of specific symptoms results from an over-reaction of the immune system, and that objective evidence can be provided by skin and blood tests proving the involvement of the immune system. When doctors [...]