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A person with HIV infection is confronted with questions about medical care that are as confusing as they are important. What kind of physicians treat HIV infection? What kind of medical care is available? What kind of hospital provides the best care? This chapter outlines the options for medical care available to a person with [...]

Most advocates recommend taking HRT beginning when your periods become irregular and continuing throughout your life. At the least, you’d want to be covered during the ten-year period following menopause, when bone loss is the fastest. (Women who have their hormone-producing ovaries removed experience a similar rapid rate of bone loss for four to six [...]

Self-image or self-esteem, as we have often said, is an important ingredient of success in later life. How does your child’s self-image change after a seizure? The answer to this may depend on his self-image before the seizure. The change, if any, will depend on the type of seizure and its immediate effects on him, [...]