If a person affected by mental shock was already suffering from some trouble, would be greatly enhanced by the shock, and its recovery delayed.
Dr. Bach called this remedy “the comforter and soother of pains and sorrows”.
This remedy is one of the most important components of ‘RESCUE’ remedy.
Broadly speaking, Star of Bethelhem is called for:
(a) To offset the after-effects of trauma – physical, or mental or psychic—new or old.
(b) When a part of the brain becomes paralysed due to sudden mental shock and the sensory nerves fail in their function – the eyes do not see when open, and the ears fail to hear—this remedy will reactivate the benumbed parts and restore their normal function.
(c) When the indicated remedy fails to act in a case which started after some traumic experience, this remedy removes the road-block and allows relief to take place. It would be, therefore, adviseable to keep in mind this
remedy in such cases where the indicated remedy fails to give relief and to go over the case history or even to ask the patient politely if ever in the past-near or remote he or she suffered from some great shock or stress of mind or from some big disappointment.
It may also be possible that a person may be unaware of some unconscious shock lodged deep in his system blocking everything, as it is difficult to visualise a person escaping traumic experience in today’s life of stress & strain.
STAR OF BETHELHEM given purely on the assumption of unconscious shock has often given beautiful results.
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