Pinky was quite well up in studies and was one of the toppers in his class examinations. But he was terribly afraid of the University Exams. As the University Exam, approached, Pinky started fretting. Nervous diarrhoea with vomiting followed by severe headache became the order of the day for him. He began to seriously doubt if he would be able to sit for the exam. Rock Rose for the terror and Gentian for his doubts was prescribed T.D.S. After 15 days he felt re-assured and could face the prospect of University Examination with confidence.
Himanshu—12 years—was a chronic case of bed-wetting which did not respond to any treatment – allopathic, ayurvedic or homeopathic. He was also suffering from nightmares for the last 8 years.
He would suddenly get up with a shriek, look around with terror-stricken eyes and then go back into sleep. Sometimes, he was found sobbing during sleep, and at others he was found drenched in perspiration during sleep without any apparent cause.
Closed scrutiny of the case revealed the following facts:-
1. Himanshu was a very sensitive child, and was absolutely normal upto the age of 4 years, no bed-wetting, no nightmare.
2. At the age of 4 years he saw a horror picture on television.
Thereafter his temperament changed—he became fretful. All the present ailments i.e. bed-wetting, night-mares, started after that.
‘ROCK ROSE’ for after-effects for ‘terror* was prescribed T.D.S and continued for 3 months. Himanshu became normal and a happy young man sans bedwetting and nightmares thereafter.
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