In recent years ‘natural’ cosmetics have been widely promoted. These cosmetics are often falsely advertised as containing no chemicals or preservatives and as being totally safe for the skin. They incorporate products such as aloe vera, jojoba oil and placental extracts. But, as mentioned earlier, there are no such things as a truly natural cosmetic. Every cosmetic contains preservatives to control bacteria and fungi which would otherwise cause skin infection. Natural cosmetics are a sales gimmick which appeals to the widely held belief that if something is found in ‘nature’, then it must be good for our skin.
Aloe vera may have some beneficial effect on skin healing, but has not been shown to have any effect on ageing or sun-damaged skin. Aloe vera can cause allergic reactions by itself or via the preservative needed to put it into a cosmetic.
Many creams are artificially coloured and perfumed in order to mimic the effect of a fruit or plant. There are, for example, apricot, cucumber and passion fruit creams. These products can also cause allergic reactions.
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