Stability of diabetic management can be compared with the stability of a 4 legged table. This stability components (Legs) are diet, exercise, tablets (OHA) and insulin. Diet and exercise play a vital role in control of diabetes. But in a patient if diabetes is not controlled by diet and exercise then Oral hypoglycaemic agents (OHA) are usually the first line of drug therapy for the management of type -2 diabetes.
These pills are very popular among the diabetes patients because of easy administration and affordable cost of most of the pills
Attitude of Indian patients : In general the attitude of the Indian patients are that they are used to take these pills without any medical supervision. Some patients stop the pills after some time by themselves while other diabetes patients take the pills advised by other diabetes patient. Most of the patients of diabetes take these pills with or without self monitoring of blood sugar and goes to doctor only when super added complications occurs.
Why this attitude? This attitude may be because of the lack of knowledge and education for monitoring and / or lack of education regarding good control of diabetes under medical supervision. This needs a proper education for taking these pills (OHA) under medical supervision.
The other reason for this attitude might be day to day cost of medical treatment for an Indian patient. So the treatment under a medical supervision must be cost effective.
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