B-complex vitamins are the catalytic ‘spark plugs’ of our body. They function as coenzymes to catalyze many biochemical reactions and work as a ‘team’ to restore natural body functions. Â vitamins help provide energy by acting with enzymes to convert carbohydrates to glucose and are also important in fat and protein metabolism.

 vitamins are all water-soluble and are not stored very well in the body. Thus, they are needed daily to support the many functions they carry out. Deficiencies of one or more  vitamins may occur fairly easily, especially during times of fasting, weight-loss, stress, or with diets that include substantial amounts of refined and processed food, white flour products, caffeine, oral contraceptive use, tobacco, sugar or alcohol.

B-complex vitamins are important in the general maintenance of health and good immune system function. It is believed they help to enhance the effects of chemotherapy and to decrease side effects associated with chemotherapy.

B-complex vitamins are useful in restoring nutritional status to underweight or malnourished cancer patients. They are excellent for improving energy levels and preventing fatigue associated with cancer treatment.

B-complex vitamins are extremely important for the normal functioning of the nervous system and are often helpful in bringing relaxation to individuals who are stressed, nervous, depressed or fatigued. Glowing skin, hair and eyes are influenced by  vitamins, as is the optimal functioning of our body’s liver.

Good sources of  complex vitamins include brewer’s yeast, brown rice, germ and bran of cereal grains, legumes, torula yeast, nuts and seeds.


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