There are many different methods of using colour to provoke individual feelings, emotions and. healing reactions.

Colour Breathing

Colour breathing can be done anywhere and is particularly useful to do while in hospital. First, lie or sit in a comfortable position. Become totally relaxed, block out distractions and noises. Think of a time where you felt totally happy, content and peaceful. Visualize the colour needed or keep a coloured piece of cotton, material, silk scarf or piece of clothing near you, so you can look at it.

If you are having trouble seeing the colour, place the coloured item over your eyes. Breathe the colour in through your nostrils or the solar plexus (lower chest area). Direct it to the area of the body, which needs the healing. Imagine the colour flowing down to this area and feel its healing essence. Say to yourself that this area is getting better and better every moment, and improving all of the time. Know this and believe this!

Do this exercise for 10 to 15 minutes at any time of the day. It is a great therapy to do in the morning before starting the day, or in the evening before retiring for bed. Imagine the appropriate colour permeating your entire being and always re-affirm greater health and well-being.

Colours on the Body

Another simple method is to place a coloured item (silk scarf, material, coloured cloth or a piece of coloured clothing) over the area of the body that requires the healing. Imagine the colour soaking into your skin and saturating this area with its beautiful healing qualities. Re-affirm its healing potential and feel yourself getting stronger and healthier every moment.

Coloured Clothing

Wearing the right colour in your clothing is very beneficial. Look at your clothes, feel them and let the colours emanate into your aura. Even dying your hair different colours has an effect on your physical and mental health. While going through chemotherapy I wore a pink wig to open my heart to love and calm my mind. It always made me feel peaceful and content.

There are so many wonderful natural Vegetable dyes available today. Try colouring your hair to enhance the feeling or emotion you wish to provoke. They say ‘blondes have more fun’. In colour therapy this rings true, as yellow is the colour of joy and happiness. They say ‘redheads are sexy’. After all, red is the colour of passion and sexual desire!

Coloured Foods

Eating different coloured foods also enhance healing. Red, orange and yellow foods have an alkaline and stimulating effect, similar to the colours. Green foods tend to be neutral and balancing. Blue, indigo and violet foods have an acidic and calming effect.

Coloured Stones

Coloured stones and crystals have a powerful healing effect when held over the appropriate area of the body. Each crystal releases a different vibration through its essence and colour. Crystals radiate their healing vibrations to the area required and assist in rebalancing emotions.

Drinking Colours

Using coloured cellophane paper is useful. Wrap the right colour around a glass of water and leave in the sun for two hours. The water absorbs the vibrations and power from the sun and the colour. Drink the water and you will be absorbing the coloured vibration required.

Green drinks made with wheatgrass, chlorella or spirulina help encourage renewal and balance, as green is the colour of empathy, healing and harmony. Other fresh fruit and vegetable juices, according to their colour, exert many healing effects from their subtle, healing vibrations.

Other methods of colour healing include surrounding yourself with coloured flowers and plants, artwork, paintings, using coloured paints, crayons and pencils, coloured make-up, hair ribbons and decorations. Be aware of the colour you decide to paint your home, as this will have either a stimulating or calming effect on yourself and your family.


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