A person with HIV infection is confronted with questions about medical care that are as confusing as they are important. What kind of physicians treat HIV infection? What kind of medical care is available? What kind of hospital provides the best care? This chapter outlines the options for medical care available to a person with [...]

Most advocates recommend taking HRT beginning when your periods become irregular and continuing throughout your life. At the least, you’d want to be covered during the ten-year period following menopause, when bone loss is the fastest. (Women who have their hormone-producing ovaries removed experience a similar rapid rate of bone loss for four to six [...]

Self-image or self-esteem, as we have often said, is an important ingredient of success in later life. How does your child’s self-image change after a seizure? The answer to this may depend on his self-image before the seizure. The change, if any, will depend on the type of seizure and its immediate effects on him, [...]

If a person affected by mental shock was already suffering from some trouble, would be greatly enhanced by the shock, and its recovery delayed. Dr. Bach called this remedy “the comforter and soother of pains and sorrows”. This remedy is one of the most important components of ‘RESCUE’ remedy. Broadly speaking, Star of Bethelhem is [...]

Pinky was quite well up in studies and was one of the toppers in his class examinations. But he was terribly afraid of the University Exams. As the University Exam, approached, Pinky started fretting. Nervous diarrhoea with vomiting followed by severe headache became the order of the day for him. He began to seriously doubt [...]

Nasal congestion Often in pregnancy the mucous membranes inside the nostrils and sinuses swell and the symptoms of a head cold may be there all the time. This congestion is the result of the increase in blood volume and the changes in your hormones. Although breathing through your nose may be more difficult, it will [...]

Stability of diabetic management can be compared with the stability of a 4 legged table. This stability components (Legs) are diet, exercise, tablets (OHA) and insulin. Diet and exercise play a vital role in control of diabetes. But in a patient if diabetes is not controlled by diet and exercise then Oral hypoglycaemic agents (OHA) [...]

In recent years ‘natural’ cosmetics have been widely promoted. These cosmetics are often falsely advertised as containing no chemicals or preservatives and as being totally safe for the skin. They incorporate products such as aloe vera, jojoba oil and placental extracts. But, as mentioned earlier, there are no such things as a truly natural cosmetic. [...]

Once upon a time epilepsy was considered a chronic disease. People who had two or more seizures had epilepsy, and it was believed that they were doomed to seizures forever. Now it is recognized that: • 70 percent of children whose seizures are controlled for two years can go off medication and remain seizure-free. These [...]

The large, reputable cosmetic companies test their cosmetics very carefully. It is fair to say that very few side effects occur given the number of cosmetics used by the average person. However, new chemicals are constantly being introduced into cosmetics with uncertain long-term side effects. Cosmetics are not regulated by health authorities and do not [...]